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Latest Articles

How to Throw a Baby Shower
Francesca Sassii, 2 Jul 2018

 Everybody loves to celebrate a new little person coming into the world and what better way to do it than to host a baby shower? These parties are traditional in the US and becoming increasingly common in South Africa. They usually take place before birth...

What have you done for yourself today?
SA Kids, 25 Jun 2018

 To all the parents out there,  I don’t often buy myself flowers but while getting a few things for home, I spotted a beautiful and rare flowering plant. I picked it up examined it, saw the price (R150) and immediately put it down again and continued...

Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids
Francesca Sassii, 20 Jun 2018

Going gluten-free has become increasingly common these days amongst adults. There is less discussion around its benefits for kids, but some parents believe that it can be worth trying for the whole family. While research on the issue remains limited there is some anecdotal evidence...