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Latest Articles

Preventing Parent Burn Out
By: Sherry R. Latson, 9 Feb 2018

All families experience normative and transitional life event stressors such as birth, death, and moving. In addition, parents are subject to the inherent chronic stressors of parenting. Parental psychological stressors are related to the worries that parents have about the physical safety and the growth...

How to Disinfect Toys
Rebecca Desfosse, 9 Feb 2018

Toys get dirty and carry germs, it's a fact.   Babies and young kids put their toys in their mouths all the time and can often pick up germs and illnesses from dirty items, especially during cold and flu season.   Reduce your child's chance of getting sick by...

Healthy Lunch Boxes
Desi Horsman, 19 Jan 2018

 NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS THAT INCLUDE HEALTHY LUNCH BOXES January 2018   Expert:  Desi Horsman, clinical nutritionist, speaker, wellness expert -   Supporting your child’s brain and body at school goes hand in hand with a healthy lunch box. Children need food that will help them to focus and learn...