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How to Create the Perfect Bedroom for Your Kids

Francesca Sassii, 5 Jun 2018
Children’s bedrooms should be a place of joy during the day and rest at night. A major part of that is being able to keep the room de-cluttered so that they can play and have fun, and tidy enough for it to be relaxing at the end of the day. Involving the kids in the process of clearing away is a major part of this, as is being clever about how you place and present the furniture. With that in mind let’s look at a handful of top tips to help you make your kids’ bedroom fun and functional.
Use stickers to personalise furniture
There’s often not a lot of fun about a wardrobe or chest of drawers, so it’s not surprising that bedroom furniture is not something kids are usually interested in. However, all kids’ rooms need them, so if you can be creative with their appearance they could become more interesting to your little ones. 
Push furniture up against the walls and into corners to maximise the space, and secure them for safety. Then let your kids put stickers of their favourite characters, gems or other such decorations on them. You might just find that they’re happier to put away their clothes, as the places where they’re stored are more interesting to them.
Try to keep some floor space clear
Designate areas of the bedroom as clear floor zones. By doing so you’ll encourage the kids to keep things tidy and the floor uncluttered. This in turn will make the room easier to manage and give them space to play in. It’s vital to keep these areas clean and germ free, so bleach is helpful here. In the event of spillages you’re going to want to know about bleach stain removal, and you can find out what to do when you click here.
 Let them take ownership
This is a particularly good idea if you’ve got two kids in one room. Allocate hanging space, shelving or boxes to each child and they’ll love the responsibility of having their own – they’ll also love pointing it out to their sibling! Use name labels, wooden letters, bright fabrics… whatever you need to highlight which area or piece of furniture is which child’s. That way they know what they are responsible for and can take pride in keeping it tidy. 
Creative toy storage
In an ideal scenario you’d have a big toy box that the kids loved and always used to keep their rooms tidy. In reality, space is often at a premium and getting kids to tidy up after themselves is a fruitless task. Try creating ‘toy home’ areas where the toys ‘live’ and you could spark their imaginations. It could be under or even on the bed during the day, at the bottom of a wardrobe or on top of drawers. The fact that it’s a bit of a game should work wonders and it covers the two main aspects of kids’ bedrooms – making them fun and functional!
Enjoy using these tips as inspiration to make the most of your child’s bedroom.
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