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DIY Kids Birthday Party Decorations

Francesca Sassii , 2 May 2018

 Kids birthday parties are a lot of fun but there’s so much to organise and that includes decorations. Rather than heading for the shop to pick up your party decorations, why not go the DIY route? It’s a lot easier than you think and you can get the kids involved in helping create them – double bonus! So with that in mind let’s check out a handful of top DIY decorations you can make for your little one’s party.

Birthday banners
All kids parties need signs to celebrate the big day and it’s really easy to make your own birthday banners. The key is colour! All you need is some coloured paper, pens, scissors and string and you’ve got a homemade birthday banner making kit. Simply write down the letters in big block: H A P P Y and so on. Cut them out, make a hole in the two top corners, and then thread the string through them. All that’s left is to hang them up, stand back and admire your handy work.
Personalised invites
The easy option is buy a multipack of invites from the shop, but where’s the fun and originality in that? Print off some funny pictures, let your kids handwrite the invitee’s name, throw in a sticker or two; whatever your child would like to do to make them special. 
Ok, invitations aren’t necessarily a decoration, but you could always leave a section of the invite blank and ask the kids to decorate them at the party. Then stick them up on the wall and everyone’s played a part in decorating the party venue. Just make sure you learn how to remove ink stains from clothes, as they are almost inevitable when it comes to kids and pens. For a simple solution to this party problem just click here.
Papier-mâché piñatas
If you fancy a little flair and a definite ‘WOW’ moment, decorating piñatas is a great way to go. You just need a few balloons and some cardboard boxes to make an animal, vehicle or other shape to hold the sweets inside. Wrap the structure in newspaper dipped in glue using the papier-mâché method and away you go. All that’s left is to scrunch up a load of crepe paper or tissue paper, coloured of course, and stick them on. Party decorations and games all in one – multi-tasking is always the best way!
Upscale boring balloons
Finally the good old balloon! An absolute constant fixture at birthday parties, but we’re not talking simple coloured versions here, we’re talking customised balloons. It takes minutes to do but makes a huge impression, transferring the humble inflatable into a party talking point for the kids… and adults. It’s as simple as drawing faces on them, writing the names of the kids who are attending, filling with confetti before you blow them up or swapping out the string for something glittery instead. The possibilities are endless; just channel your inner balloon-decorating child.
There you have it, four top ideas for DIY kids party decorations. Get creative and have fun!
DIY Birthday Decorations 

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