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How to Throw a Baby Shower

Francesca Sassii, 2 Jul 2018

 Everybody loves to celebrate a new little person coming into the world and what better way to do it than to host a baby shower? These parties are traditional in the US and becoming increasingly common in South Africa. They usually take place before birth (but sometimes after) and involve fun games, tasty treats and present-gifting to the mum-to-be. Here’s our guide to throwing a top-notch baby shower for your pregnant friend.  

1.Who to invite

Invites can be tricky when it comes to arranging a party for someone else. Often baby showers are surprise parties so you will have to make tricky decisions yourself. Consider the size of party you’re willing and able to throw and work from there. Try to put yourself in your friend’s shoes: who would she want at her party? Does she have friends that you don’t know too well, but should be invited nonetheless? What about her work colleagues, sisters or other relatives? Of course, if yours isn’t a surprise party invites become a whole lot easier – simply sit down with your pregnant friend and draw up a guest list you are both happy with. 
2.Activities to try 
Baby showers traditionally involve a few fun games on the theme of birth and children. There are lots of different things you can do from ‘guess the pregnancy belly circumference’ to having a pregnancy-themed piñata with lots of pink and blue sweets. Some people also like to involve activities that are going to be useful for mum-to-be. For example if there will be lots of women who are already mothers on the guest list why not go round and have everyone share their top tips. You could cover everything from what music to play during the birth to how to sterilise baby bottles – all of which should help your pregnant friend feel informed and supported!
3.Food and drinks
Make sure to supply lots of food and drinks during the party. If you can it’s always fun to try and stick with the baby-theme e.g. candy dummies or a baby-themed cake. Of course your pregnant friend isn’t going to be drinking so rather than providing everyone else with alcohol and risk leaving her out, make it a sober party and serve delicious mocktails instead. 
4.Giving presents
It’s common for guests to bring gifts for the mum-to-be and if you’re going to be gift-giving as part of the event it’s important to make sure everyone knows about this in advance. No one wants to be caught short having not brought anything to give! You could coordinate to get your friend one big thing from everyone like a cot or pram, or have everyone bring something slightly different. It’s worth considering very practical gifts that are going to help when a baby is born. For example, books with useful advice on things like sleeping patterns, weaning, how to sterilise baby bottles and more!
Those are our top tips on how to throw a baby shower for your friend. Simply get her favourite people into the same space, provide food, drinks and a few activities and you’ll be well on your way to a great event!
How to throw a baby shower

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