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Tania, 3 Dec 2018

 Dear Moms,

This is not a normal post where I chat about parenting or the kids, but about the struggle of so many of us trying to lose those extra kgs. If you don’t have this struggle then there is no need to read further, but thank you for stopping by.
I am sure many of you, like me, have tried every diet imaginable, but nothing seems to work longer than a day, week or maybe a month. Then you fall back into those old eating habits and feel bad, so you eat even more to comfort yourself. Before you know it, you have gained those few kgs you lost.
Am I right?
Let me share my 2018 briefly, so you can see why I am sharing this post. I personally have been hit by menopause (hard) and to top it all, I hurt my back and could no longer do all the running, hiking, weight training etc. that I so enjoyed and that helped me to not gain too much weight. (I am one of those women who don’t always believe in prescribed medication unless it is absolutely necessary and thankfully my husband supports me in that belief).
All this combined put me in quite a depressed state, but after a very bad day, I finally realized that if I don’t take control of my emotions and deal with the problem at hand, my weight is going to spiral completely out of control and my depression is going to get worse.
Losing weight is a struggle unique to each person. While some manage to drop the pounds with extra trips to the gym or by cutting back on junk food, for others, their problem runs much deeper than bad habits alone…
No self-confidence; Finding comfort in food after a tragedy or just a long difficult day; Growing up in a household of overeaters; Getting rewarded with food as a kid...
But whatever the underlying issue, we need to learn to deal with these reasons so we can undertake the difficult journey of weight loss. So… you may ask: What are you going to do about it? Well, I would like to do what worked for me a few years ago and hopefully combine that with the support of a few of you. 
Strange how a woman’s mind works… Most of us do much better when we have motivation, support and others in the same situation, to just be there for us. Do you agree? I can just hear you… “Tell us what you did!” LOL
Okay, here goes. But let me please just say that this is not about selling a product I know works but about helping others in the same position. If you don’t want to buy the product, I will tell you about at the end, you are still welcome to join the group for support. This group will be about motivating, supporting, sharing, laughing, crying and being there for one another. I would love to start a group as soon as possible, but still not sure what will work best for most of you: Facebook or WhatsApp? Let me know so that we can get the group started.
Now for the final step of my plan, but like I said, it’s your choice! 
A few years ago, I joined a small group and we started taking the 4S (now 5S) diet tablet. Now don’t judge me because I know you have tried many tablets on the market yourself. This one worked really well because it really took away our appetite, made us drink lots of water as it leaves a very dry taste in your mouth, and gave us extra energy. With the support of the group, we started making healthy eating choices by sharing photos and recipes of healthy food. We encouraged one another to go for walks or get to the gym when all we wanted to do was sit on the couch and binge, and when one of us hit a bad patch, we helped one another get over it and look at the positive side of the journey. We only had 1 rule – no negativity was allowed. We all lost weight (some more / faster than others) and quite a few of us stopped with the tablets after 2 months as we no longer needed them and could easily carry on with our new and healthy way. I'm not sure why the group broke up, but I hope to be able to stay around and help those who need motivation for as long as possible.
I have posted all the information about the S5 Slimming Capsule here.
If you are interested to join our group and / or order the tablets, please contact me by via e-mail ( Don’t forget to give me your full name and what you would like to do. 
Let the journey begin…
"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." - Jim Ryun 
***IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER***  I am not a doctor or in a position to tell you what diet to follow or what you should or shouldn’t eat, or how much to lose or give you any medical advice. If you are pregnant or under 18 - sorry, no tablets for you. If you have any kind or medical condition, please don’t even consider the tablets without getting your doctor's approval first. I am only here to motivate you and vice versa, while we start this journey to a happy, healthy mind and body once and for all.

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