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What have you done for yourself today?

SA Kids, 25 Jun 2018

 To all the parents out there, 

I don’t often buy myself flowers but while getting a few things for home, I spotted a beautiful and rare flowering plant. I picked it up examined it, saw the price (R150) and immediately put it down again and continued with my shopping. When I got to the till I decided… What the heck and bought the plant but couldn’t stop feeling guilty for having treated myself.
This whole episode made me realize that it is not only me but many moms, dads and even the younger generation who feel like this.
This article isn’t about me convincing you that you should spend money on expensive gifts for yourself that you cannot afford, but that spoiling yourself every once in a while is important - especially when you feel like all you ever do is spend money on things that are needed or must be payed.
Life is after all about balance.
As a parent, life can get pretty stressful. We work hard to pay those bills and day to day necessities which means a stay at home parent must work even more carefully with a budget. Sometimes our budgets are so tight, it drives us crazy with worry and stress, but this is when it is most important to remind ourselves of our worth, and treating ourselves occasionally allows us to relax and just think things through. 
You don’t have to splurge out on anything big, for example; I love hiking and taking photos and even though I might have to spend a little bit on park fees and fuel, there are places I can go that are for free and I take turns sharing transport costs with my friends.
You can spend time walking on the beach or in a park; take time to read your favourite book; join a book club to relax with friends and swap books; send the kids to friends or a relative and relax in a bubble bath with or without your partner, buy that bunch of flowers at the market or join your buddies for a game of golf – do whatever you like for a few hours to just relax and forget about day to day stress.
No matter what you choose to do, spoil yourself every once and a while.Why? Because you are worth it.
It's your job to create your own happiness and that won't happen unless you do something that makes you happy. You will also find that when you start taking time to treat yourself better, you will feel less stressed, have more patience with the kids and even find those situations you don't always enjoy, easier to get through. 
I promise you will feel so much better afterwards.
From one Mom to another xx
Do something nice for you, because you deserve it! 

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