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Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa
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Check out this exciting video about what Drama Dynamics is all about

Drama Classes for kids in Gauteng 

Although Drama Dynamics is a skills based course and some theory is covered in each lesson, it is a very practical, full of energy, hands on experience for young adults. Drama and the performing arts can really boost a child in so many ways. Whether it be to improve communication skills, public speaking, confidence or to develop hidden talents, I believe that it can only be a benefit to the development of a child.

And where better to explore and experience this creative world than at

The Rockwood Theatre_Kids Drama Classes  

"Tell me and I will forget.
Show me and I will remember.
Involve me and I will understand."
Chinese Proverb

Drama Dynamics Drama Dynamics Drama Dynamics Venues in Pretoria

 * WEEKLY GROUP CLASSES (ages 10-18yrs)

Kids get the opportunity to get their PROVINCIAL COLOURS in Acting!
These practical, high energy group classes are a great way for kids to explore hidden talents. Children will learn the art of characterisation, physical performance, take part in movement activities, learn directing skills and experience loads of fun, creativity and laughter.
Their communication is improved and their confidence blooms!   

* SATUDAY WORKSHOPS (ages 10-18yrs)
"Various worshops scheduled throughout the year: "Acting for Film", "Acting for Comedy", as well as our "Full-day fun-day" which keeps them entertained all day long.

Kids perform on The ROCKWOOD STAGE in our annual Showcase!
HOLIDAY CLUBS (ages 10-18yrs)
Acting out fun skits, mime, learn “acting for comedy” skills and play many improv games.
Assisting with audition pieces
 Preparing for Eisteddfod
 Building confidence for focussing Public Speaking  

* Drama Parties and "My own Music Video" Parties (ages 10-18yrs)

Deciding what party to throw for your child’s birthday doesn't need to be a challenging experience when you have the fantastic option of choosing an exciting and creative Drama Dynamics Party.
There are 2 options:
Drama Parties:
Play ‘Theatre Sports’ where the children get their creative juices flowing with improv acting games and create a dramatic Happy Birthday performance / skit. The children also dress up in costumes and use props to create scenes which they perform for one another. Such fun!
"My own Music Video" Parties:
What child hasn't always dreamed of being in their very own music video and getting film performance experience!
Kids will be choreographed, then dance and lip-sync to your song of choice. What fun! A professional videographer/director will shoot and then edit the video... to create your child's very own music video with them as the lead star... awesome!

Would your child like to be in their own MUSIC VIDEO?

For fun or as a cool birthday party idea, we'll shoot a professional music video where your child gets to be the star!🌟

Click here to watch our latest video - "Stressed Out" by 21 Pilots!




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