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Here are a few good reasons why more and more mothers are either fully or partially converting to the use of cloth nappies,

I was one of those moms that really wanted to go the Eco nappy route but didn't have the guts to do it. 

I think there is a stigma to cloth nappies; you know the old toweling nappies, folding, safety pins, pre-soaking, leaking, smelly, icky nappies so I was rather dubious as to whether they would work well.


I am glad I got to try the Mother Nature nappy and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.


As I only had one nappy, I couldn't use it daily but I worked with what I had.


Rachel did not have one leak!! She wore them for 4 hours before I changed her and that included a 2 hour nap. She has had no rash and does not seem uncomfortable at all.


Only negative for me was that it was quite a mission getting it on a squirming 9 month old baby BUT knowing that you are doing good for the environment, priceless! I do think that over time you will become more efficient. As they say, Practice makes Perfect.


Overall I was very impressed.


Love and blessings,

Sheldene and Rachel





We have loved the Mother Nature nappies since my little one was old enough to wear them though he sadly learnt to take them off so we had to move back to disposables.

But we are BACK with Mother Nature as hasn’t figured out how to take off the potty training pants yet.  He is almost two and has become very curious on using the toilette; I thank the cloth nappies for this!

With disposable nappies it soaks up the wee so the kids see no reason to use the loo, with a cloth nappy on the other hand they feel wet if they’ve had a wee and thus being uncomfortable – voila, the perfect way to potty train!

What’s nice is that we’ve been training on a weekend when we are home and the weather is a little warmer, I think that we will go full swing into training over the summer as having him in just his potty training pants now isn’t so great, as even my house is cold during winter. The bonus of these potty training pants are that unlike normal potty training pants, they have an absorbent layer, so if he has an accident you can quickly change it without needing to change their outer clothes /pants as well!  We’re proud to say that he has already started asking to go to the toilette when he needs a poop, sometimes he’ll just sit on the toilette and then use his nappy after anyway but the point is that he has started and we are on the right track J Coral-Leigh


Bamboo Nature Eco-Disposable Nappies


Well I really enjoyed using the Bambo nature Eco-disposable nappies. They absorb all the moisture really well and do not leak and are extremely soft, they do not rub on my little girls legs and make them red like other nappies .


The only thing I did notice was the sizes are slightly wrong I received  a size 2 (3 - 6kgs) and my little girl is 5kgs and she is using a size 2 in other brands and the Eco ones are a little to big. I did measure them against a size 3 and they are the same size. So I think that is the only thing that I found wrong with them.


Other than that I prefer using them over the other brands.


Thank you for introducing me to them SA Kids






The Nature Nappy          

Description:  This is our original 100% natural bamboo-cotton towelling one size cloth nappy design that adjusts to fit from birth to potty training and any size in-between!  Elasticized waist & legs gives this nappy a snug & leak-proof fit.  Shaped to create an un-bulky nappy which keeps the “messy bits” where they belong. Plastic poppers are used to fasten the nappy. These snap on easily and are very strong and durable.

Separate Nappy and Cover design:  Either a rainbow nappy cover or night fleece cover is worn over the nappy to keep baby dry. User Tip: On hot days, use the nature nappy without a cover at home to create a more airy nappy area.

Flexible:  use a booster pad for extra absorbency for example at night.

Easy Use:  Get your money’s worth from our versatile nappy which adjusts by folding the front panel down & tucking the inner panel under itself therefore reducing the crotch to create a smaller nappy. For older babies don’t fold anything down.  

Size:  one size fits all from birth to potty training

Colours:  white, beige

Retail Price:  R115.00

Mother Nature Potty Training Pants

Description: Toddler potty training pants are useful in assisting toddlers to learn bladder control (by experiencing the sensation of feeling wet). They do not replace a nappy in absorbency but are useful in preventing “little accidents”. This is especially useful during play school hours or when out and about.

Big Boy or Girl! Bridging the gap from nappy to pants:  The trainers pull up and down and look like ordinary underwear but with an absorbent saddle made from our bamboo towelling plus a breathable waterproof layer between 2 layers of soft cotton fabric.

Size: Small (2 – 3 years) Medium: (3- 4.5 years)
Colour: white, grey, royal blue, turquoise,  pink, purple
Price: R105.00


How does Bambo Nature’s premium nappies give the health of your child and the environment top priority?


Bambo Nature nappies are both ultra-thin and ultra-absorbent with a unique layer that draws wetness away from baby’s skin, keeping baby dry and comfortable even with repeat wetting.


The nappies have a much lower eco footprint than ordinary disposable nappies and are the ONLY nappy brand to get the prestigious Nordic Swan Eco Label, which is the leading eco labelling company in the world. Not only is the environmental impact during the nappy’s full life cycle investigated but also the quality and functionality of the nappies must meet high standards too. These nappies are ideal for babies who react to the chemicals used in regular disposables. 

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