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Deutscher Kindergarten in Bellville

Deutscher Kindergarten in Bellville

Deutscher Kindergarten in Bellville

33 Middel Street, Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel 021 949 1648
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At the Kindergarten children learn to experience their environment through all their senses They are encouraged to play and experiment with organic materials like dough, clay, plants and water and improve their finger dexterity through painting, gluing, cutting, tearing, on a daily basis.

The development of their physical growth is achieved by playful physical exercise, music and dance. Gross motor development, helps children to draw, create art projects, as well as promoting the ability to write and to play a musical instrument.

Creating art work and drawing allows the child to discover their creativity and in the process their concentration ability is practised. Our teachers also encourage the children's fantasy by reading stories and letting them tell stories. Counting, spatial orientation, shapes and colours are integrated into daily activities and through the use of group games social skills are encouraged.
It is especially significant in the pre-primary years to allow children to discover and experience their environment and surroundings, as much as possible, under supervision. In addition, we offer plenty of opportunity to release the children's energy in our beautiful playground, under large shady trees.

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