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Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary

Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary

Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary

The Crags, 16km east from Plettenberg Bay...view map on website.
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Monkeyland opened its doors to the public on the 6th of April 1998. Our unique primate sanctuary is currently the top eco-tourism attraction on the Garden Route and for very sound and sunny reasons. Monkeyland has captured the hearts of visitors in its efforts to rehabilitate and free previously caged primates. The sanctuary is exceptional as it caters for several species of primateswho are not caged. They are free to move about the forest and this they do most harmoniously.

At Monkeyland, the emphasis on searching for the primates, and the reward is to see the various species as they are meant to be: free and in a natural habitat. The transfer of information about these fascinating creatures enhances your visit to the sanctuary during a safari. The safaris are conducted by multi-lingual game rangers and are fun, exciting and educational. Our guests leave our sanctuary with a greater understanding of the primates of the world and the threats they are facing. 

On the guided safaris you can expect to see a variety of primates, ranging from the Gibbons of Asia to the Lemurs of Madagascar. The knowledgeable rangers will tell you all about these fascinating mammals as you encounter them roaming free in the forest. They also point out, identify and explain the many wonders of life in the forest, from the rich diversity of bird life to the intricate workings of the forest itself.

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The Touch a Monkey’s Heart Foundation (TAMHF) sanctuaries - named Monkeyland and Birds of Eden - provide the primates and birds who live here with a stable environment, one with permanence and where there is definitely no exploitation. At Monkeyland and Birds of Eden, care exceeds the regulations regarding animal welfare. Monkeyland and Birds of Eden is, most importantly, a place where primates and birds are rehabilitated both physically and emotionally.


At TAMHF we strive to achieve an effective balance between conservation and economic reality. It is therefore tourism driven and totally sustainable. A primate and/or bird safari is much more than just an unforgettable forest adventure; it is the vehicle that allows you to become part of our rehabilitation and care process. It is because of sanctuaries such as Monkeyland and Birds of Eden which go beyond idealism, and who strive to do something positive, that we can look forward to a more optimistic future.

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