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Catrobatkidz has been established since March 2001 for children ages 2 to 9 years old and is offered at participating pre-school institutions only.

Quality Fun Classes to Develop:

• Body Awareness
• Balance
• Locomotion
• Gross & Fine Motor Skills
• Spatial Relationships
• Rhythm & Timing
• Strength
• Flexibility
• Co-ordination

Extensive research into early childhood education, and many years of practical experience, has been combined into the Catrobatkidz Skill Development programme, offering many unique ideas, which have never before been taught to pre-school children. We bring to your child a learning concept that is guaranteed to benefit, and foster success, for each child, and to enhance his/her self-esteem while enjoying participating.

During the pre-school years, a child's brain is like a sponge, almost effortlessly absorbing and storing information and experiences. The beauty of the Catrobatkidz programme, formulated specifically for the pre-school child, is that the movement skills and patterns targeted in each lesson are assimilated and stored in his absorbent mind while he enjoys the fun and challenge.
It is during these fundamental years that window periods open and close during which your child has the opportunity to develop each skill (balance, locomotion, gross & fine motor, spatial relationships, co-ordination, rhythm & timing, strength and flexibility) to the best of their ability, in order to build a solid foundation that will allow them to achieve both physically and mentally throughout their life.

Lesson plans are sequentially pre-planned for the year - Each week is a different lesson plan!

The Catrobatkidz Skill Development Programme enables children to have experiences in all of the movement spheres, at an age and stage in their lives when they can gain the most benefit from such experiences. More than merely providing the pre-school child with movement opportunities, the Catrobatkidz Skill Development Programme also helps him learn to move with more specific control, refinement and efficiency. These movement skills and patterns, once established in the brain, will remain there to benefit the child throughout life as he moves on to more complex movement activities such as sport, games and dancing.

Each school is allocated a qualified permanent instructor that will get to know your child personally and who is dedicated to the progress of each child. We will appreciate the opportunity to teach your child.

All Catrobatkidz children are Winners!

Awards Concept

At the end of each lesson your child is rewarded for their efforts with a Catrobatkidz stamp, or sticker. At the end of the year he/she will receive their certificate of achievement, and medal or similar prize awarded at the End of Year Awards Ceremony presentation.

Life Skills

Each week a motivational sentence is spoken to your child. These words are designed to create awareness of various important social issues such as: self-respect, manners, health, environment, safety etc.


Your child's abilities will be assessed during each lesson, and at the end of each term, a specific age related skill assessment is made available to the parents.


The vast variety of mini equipment and hand apparatus is specially designed to suit the requirements of pre-school children. All equipment is collapsible and is easily transported from school to school. Catrobatkidz offers a wide variety of stimulating educational music to suit the Programmes needs.

From hip circles, hang tough, cargo net and climbing wall... to ropes, chairs and towels... children become addicted to exercise with Catrobatkidz while developing to their full potential both physically and mentally.

Skill Areas

Body Awareness

Children are taught body awareness throughout the programme, with constant reference to the various parts of one's body, their purpose and position. They are also taught what part enables them to perform the exercise, and what muscle group they are developing. Body image, the perception of the child himself, is a very important aspect of the child's development, and we at Catrobatkidz firmly believe in building a child's self-esteem and confidence by positive reinforcement.


Balance beam work, rope walking, chair class, balance boards and scooter boards ensure the development of good balance, both static and dynamic. Object balance is also covered.


Mini equipment is used to stimulate children into performing many basic techniques widely used in many sports such as gymnastics, athletics and ball sports. Different types of jumps, landings, rolls, vaults etc. are coached to fully develop the skill of locomotion.

Gross & Fine Motor Skills

Many varied hand apparatus such as pegs and beanbags are used to develop all the facets of fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are exercised constantly throughout each lesson plan, and during the aerobic music warm-up.


Many lesson plans require co-ordination, and others are specifically designed to develop co-ordination, such as: ball classes - from tennis balls to soccer balls, and flag and streamer classes. All aspects of co-ordination i.e. eye/hand, eye/foot, eye/hand and foot, are explored.

Spatial Relationships

Once again a large variety of apparatus, for example: hats, umbrella's, hula hoops, streamers, balls and chalkboard are used to teach the concept of space and direction. In these lesson plans, space, whether personal, group, or object related, and distance - forward, backward, up down, far near etc. are fully explored. Also covered is the concept of laterality and developing the sense of right and left, and the ever important crossing of the mid-line and brain integration.

Rhythm & Timing

In order to develop both internal and external sense of rhythm, children participate in aerobic warm up music suited to each lesson. Specific lesson plans are also provided which concentrate on rhythm, such as parachute, pom poms, rhythm sticks and maypole.


To develop upper and lower body strength and improve muscle tone the children partake in many safe, yet sometimes daring and challenging exercises. This is thoroughly enjoyed by all and includes lesson plans such as jumbo ball, high bar, cargo net, chest expanders etc. Children are also exposed to a large variety of acrobatic movements such as shoulder / head / handstands, cartwheels and springs to develop strength, agility and good muscle tone.


Strength and tone of the muscle groups is developed by teaching not only static positions, but also movement that requires flexibility. Through practice children are taught exercises that allow the body to remain supple to let them achieve to the best of their potential.


Prevent Low Muscle Tone
Brain integration
Physical Health

Documented fact: Children (and most adults) learn best through “doing”
How often have you begun to show your child how to perform a new task or skill, and you are barely halfway through when he or she begs “Let me try”.

A growing child constantly tests his or her physical abilities and takes delight in progress:
“Look how far I can stretch”, “Look how high I can jump”, and “Look how fast I can run”

Catrobatkidz provides a safe, positive, fun-filled forum for your child to develop his physical skills and abilities. Because all movement requires exercise and integration of the Brain, mental skills and abilities are exercised and developed in direct proportion to physical activity. Maximum learning capacity is achieved when the Left and Right sides of the Brain are working together, or integrated. Specific movements and exercises involving balance and co-ordination, crossing the mid-line of the body and combining the senses (sight, sound, touch) are the core elements of Catrobatkidz lesson plans.

How will your child benefit from the Catrobatkidz programme?

Not so long ago, children exercised naturally through the day - they walked or rode bikes to
school, did the same going home, then roamed the neighbourhood between friends’ homes, went into the veld and played hide and seek, climbed trees, etc. - as long as they were home before dark, no-one worried. Sadly, today the scenario is very different - children are transported everywhere by car, encouraged to stay inside where it is safe, and with the advent of TV, computers and play station, who wants to be outside running around anyway? Most opportunities for spontaneous physical development have been lost.

Low muscle tone is a weakness of the muscles. A child with this condition is usually unable to perform normal everyday activities in a well-coordinated manner. Low muscle tone is a condition that in this computer and television age is unfortunately becoming more prevalent.

Reading and Writing skills require brain integration and physical co-ordination, and your child will discover new ways to move and exercise each week. “Can you touch your wrist to your ear and hop on your right foot?” In that exercise alone, the child is: reinforcing knowledge of his body parts (wrist, ear), of left and right, practicing his balance, and following a sequence of verbal information. Imagine the benefits of a full half hour devoted to movement!

With insufficient movement (too much time spent in motor cars or in front of TV, for example), or lack of the right kind of movement, there is inadequate stimulation of the cerebellum in the brain stem. While the brain, just like the body, needs food and water in order to survive, it also needs to be marinated in rich life experiences in order for your child to take advantage of all the genetic potential he/she was born with.

Rhythm plays an important part in reading skills - each week the lesson will include movement to music.

Controlling his body and movement is a wonderful way to develop a child’s self-discipline and self-confidence. Basic gym positions are learned and practiced throughout the year.
Development of eye-hand and eye-foot co-ordination will ensure your child is ready to participate in any sport of his choice in Primary School.

FUN - life and learning should be fun, and each lesson is planned around different equipment and apparatus, when hand-held equipment is used, each child is provided with their own. When we work with larger equipment, the children have to take turns and/or work together, which helps develop social skills. Lesson plans are pre-planned and each week is different, providing many challenges and on-going stimulation.

A child who has self-confidence will be able to tackle any task or situation, and at Catrobatkidz everyone is a winner. Each child is developing at his or her own pace, and performs the lesson tasks to the best of his ability We like to say that at Catrobats there is no such word as “can’t” - only “I’ll try my best” and “I’ll keep on trying”

Any of you who exercise regularly know the benefits associated with it - good physical health, stress release and a general feeling of well-being and a good self-image. At Catrobats we aim to develop a love for physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle in each child who participates in the programme.


Catrobatkidz believes in supporting children in need. A small percentage of all activity fees received during the year is used to either: Help alleviate the plight of homeless, abused, and/or neglected children - or - help make a dream come true for a child in need.

Motto: Learning to Move - Moving to Learn

For more information and Catrobatkidz Franchise areas please visit our website.




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