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Cup the Cake is about a challenge where the sky is the limit!  We’re all about being different in a ‘niche’ way! Cup the Cake are about creating cupcakes with a unique splendour.

Wedding cupcakes with a flair;

Something quick & simple to take to the office for your birthday;

Unique ‘no two the same’ designs for your ‘Angel’s’ birthday

Heaven is the limit & beyond!

Our unique ‘niche’ is that we create cup cakes with unconditional love & enthusiasm for our customers, regardless of the occasion! We thrive on our creative abilities. Each & every customer is special & unique to us.

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Work From Home with Cup the Cake

At Cup the Cake , we certainly understand that in today’s financial climate, it is important for both mom & dad to work, so what better opportunity than to work from home, have FUN & still be with your little ‘Angels’! AND what’s more, we don’t breathe over your shoulder or ask for any of your profits you make! Your earning potential is completely set around your own ‘time management’. We do however, ask for a small monthly contribution towards general advertising, constant back-up and sundries, which equates to R377 per month.

An idea inspired by Angels with our ‘Angels’ in mind. Your business will be set up for you from scratch with your own website, online ‘business’ portal which will capture your orders, bookings & online payments, ‘cup the cake’ email address, business cards, car magnets, FB Page & initial online marketing ‘boost’ to get you soaring! Included with your start up is a comprehensive kit which will equip you with all the basics needed to get those orders out to your customers! Comprehensive initial Training included with the option to advance with our ongoing Training offered.

Cup the Cake have 2 Business options available:

Cherub:R9777.00 – Includes all of the above
Angelic: R23777.00 – Includes all of the above PLUS an electric mixer & the edible image printer set up for all your creative toppers & designs.

Setting aside the fact that you can still be with your ‘Angels’ and work from home, you will be in a position to earn a cash income that is solely influenced by the amount of hours you invest into your business venture.

Cup the Cake Would be delighted to assist you further with your journey!
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