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Rare Timber Shelving

Rare Timber Shelving

Rare Timber Shelving

Protea Rd, Philipp, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel 021 370 0135
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Rare Timber Shelving has more than 20 years of experience in the shelving business.

We specialize in the manufacturing of economic, strong and versatile solid timber shelving for any storage and space saving requirement.

With a full range for the complete setup of your home / store/ retail outlets and warehouses, Rare Timber Shelving is a reliable partner fulfilling all your tailor made shelving needs.

Get your children's room the shelf of their dreams, with loads of space for toys, lego and more.
Perfect storage space for Schools, Offices or at Home! 

Storage for small spaces
Shelving / Storage for home, office, school
Heavy Duty Shelving for Office or Office
Contact Rare Timber Shelving Cape Town today to order your own high-quality wardrobe, high riser unit, bookshelf or garage organiser. 

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