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Allure Sensuality

Allure Sensuality

Allure Sensuality

12 Heather St, Milnerton, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel 082 7758960
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Allure stocks a large variety of top of the range adult products; top quality, non-toxic and have been thoroughly tried and tested to ensure pleasure. Give yourself a break from being a mother. Contact us about our enlightening and alluring parties. These group get-togethers will encourage you to communicate, discover more and most of all, to have even more fun! Bachelorette Parties & Girl's Night Out

The world has become a deeply polarized place. In a way, we’ve lost touch with ourselves. And not just ideologically. We’ve actually lost a sense of physical touch. Of intimacy. And with that, our capacity for pleasure. One can shop on-line or come to our showroom for a free consultation.  

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