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The WY Academy

The WY Academy

Norscot manor, Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel 082 6733839
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In today’s modern society, children are too pre-occupied with gadgets and have a helper, assistant and are reminded about everything, including what only serves to advance them. However, life has become tougher, requiring even more resilience than it did in days gone by. It can be quite frustrating for parents, who often have to manage both theirs as well as their busy children’s lives and schedules.
In some cases, the children are well into their late teens but are yet to master the art of  accountability. Children must learn basic life skills and sooner rather than later. Scientific evidence exists, to support the fact, that children are highly impressionable between the ages 5-11. The developmental trajectory for the ability to make advantageous decisions in a sample of children, 5–11 years old, administered the relative expected value (EV) of the risky and riskless choice options which was consistent  over trials.
Every child, has something, that they are good at, a talent they are born with. This is the “I am me. I love me. I have something to offer to this world” principle. Confidence in a child is founded in positive reinforcement from a very early stage. Many of us, adults, know  very well that, IQ, gets one hired but EQ gets one fired.
Still, ‘Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot’-Clarence Thomas 
Our programme is fun, enjoyable and incredibly empowering!
Life_Skills for Children
Place: Norscot manor, Fourways
Time: 3pm-5pm
Days: Fridays
Ages: 7-14
Cost: R1800 per month (4 sessions)
The sessions are conducted in group format. Various structured fun activities aimed at identifying key strengths and areas for improvement. Activities cover a wide range of topics. Activities teach life skills. Individual sessions available by arrangement and at R100 per hour. 

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