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West Coast Ostrich Ranch

West Coast Ostrich Ranch

West Coast Ostrich Ranch

Van Schoorsdrif Road (off the N7), Philadelphia, Cape Town, South Africa
Travel along the N7 towards Malmesbury. At the third turning to the right after the Caltex Oil Refinery there is a signpost "West Coast Ostrich Ranch". Follow the road and the next left turn is the farm.
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Visit the Ostrich Ranch!

It's a pleasant drive to the farm as you pass through Boland wheatlands and leave the rush of the city behind you. The farm offers spectacular views of Table Mountain and the Hottentot Mountains, and exudes a lovely tranquil atmosphere, which is enhanced by the haunting calls of the farm's peacocks. We arrived at about 10 a.m. on a weekday morning, with two very excited toddlers in tow. Guides met us at the entrance and inquired whether we wished to do the tour, or just feed the ostriches and perhaps have something to eat. If you opt for the tour, you're in for a memorable experience" everything you ever wanted to know about ostriches, from the size of their brain to why they swallow stones, and, of course, the age-old favorite, do they really stick their heads in the ground. We were surprised at the variety of ostriches, from dwarf and albino's, to boasting 2 pairs of distant cousins in the form of emus and rheas. It was breeding season when we were visited the farm, and so we got to see the male ostriches in their full mating regalia, that of the "revlon-red" beak and shins. Our two toddlers were a little apprehensive about holding their hands out for these massive birds to peck at the mealie pips, but we were fortunate to have a wonderful guide, Stephan, who not only supervised them but also kept them riveted throughout the tour. Of course the highlight of their day was the opportunity to sit on an ostrich! After all this excitement we were all feeling rather "peckish" we, and sat down in the Patio Garden for some delicious toasted sandwiches. If you prefer something a little more formal, there is the option of the air-conditioned Cape Dutch-Styled Farmhouse Restaurant. (2007)

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