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Sugar Bay

Sugar Bay

21 nKwazi Drve, Zinkwazi Beach, KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa
Sugar Bay is located on the Kwa-Zulu Natal north coast, one hour from Durban International Airport. Our abundant recreational facilities span 16 acres of secure, privately owned land in the picturesque hamlet of Zinkwazi Beach.
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South Africa's first and only American-style summer camp, Sugar Bay provides children of ages 7 to 17 with the most fun and memorable holidays imaginable. With free choice of over 100 activities, the latest equipment and superb facilities, Sugar Bay gives children the freedom to enjoy themselves within a safe and secure environment.

 SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps

Sugar Bay is a member of the American Camping Association, which regulates more than 15,000 summer camps in the USA. The staff include our highly experienced management team, qualified counselors (employed on a ratio of 1:3) and a loyal support staff.
Youngsters are confident and excel when in a happy, comfortable and fun environment. With superb facilities, qualified and dedicated staff and a total commitment to the ultimate holiday experience, Sugar Bay is where it happens.

SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps  

Campers Stuff
So much more than just a fun holiday, Sugar Bay specialises in the growth and emotional development of each child. Greater self-esteem, independence and self-confidence are just some of the life-changing attributes that your child will acquire.
Take your pick! From surfing to scuba, boating to biking, climbing to crafts, sports, adventure, nature – if you like it, its yours. Free-choice scheduling ensures each child is fully committed to the educational experience. While having fun, they learn to set new goals, meet challenges head on, work in a team, make new friends and overcome behavioural issues. They will come home fitter, stronger, with greater maturity and a new sense of responsibility. That is why, when they ask to return next holiday, most parents readily agree!
We offer free choice of over 100 activities, updating these annually to reflect current trends and interests. There is something for everyone – for the mainstream to the extreme. And that is not counting the huge list of evening activities. Each activity has the latest equipment, the highest safety standards, lesson plans and experienced instructors to help and encourage every child to achieve their highest level, whatever their ability.
As well as being challenging and exhilarating the activities all increase mental concentration, patience and perseverance while promoting friendship, community and good sportsmanship 

SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps  

Sand, Sun and Sea
Sugar Bay's ideal location on the north coast of KZN means we have 365 DAYS OF SUMMER! Even while the rest of the country is in Winter's icy grip, our campers are enjoying the sun-drenched beach, warm Indian Ocean and perfect surf on our unrivaled aquatic playground.
Counselors and lifeguards are always there to help and encourage. To give each and every one the chance to go for their own personal goals. 

 SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps
Sugar Bay has private access to the beautiful Zinkwazi lagoon and waterfront - Ideal for anything from fast moving fun and water sports to racing across the lagoon in the morning and late afternoon kayaks up the river. Holidays are wet, wild and wonderful.
 SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps

Whatever the weather, Sugar Bay reverberates with activities. Two huge indoor sports halls, massive swimming pool and extensive sports grounds ensures that the action never stops.
Continue year-round training or try something new. We offer many traditional land sports and several new ones. We encourage teamwork, sportsmanship, individuality and ambition. Whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned athlete, qualified instructors are there to assist you 

SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps

Nature and Adventure
The outdoor program is not only a safe, exhilarating way to enjoy nature and the outdoors, but also a valuable chance to learn teamwork and build self confidence. This provides the perfect opportunity to meet challenges head on, draw strength from accomplishments and develop self-esteem.

SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps SugarBay-Kids_Holiday_Camps  

Arts and Crafts
Our drama program deserves a standing ovation. Productions at our indoor and outdoor theatres range from current broadway hits to improvised skits. Those who prefer a more hands-on form of expression can enjoy the creative arts complex. With the help of our experienced staff, let your creativity flow. 
Appropriate age group: 7-17


Transport: Transport offered to and from camp. There's an airport shuttle running from King Shaka International Airport to Zinkwazi, as well as a bus service option from Sandton to Zinkwazi and vice versa.


Time: Drop off is 3-4 PM on first day of camp. Pick up is 8-9 AM on last day of camp.


Venue: Sugar Bay Holiday Resort, 21 Nkwazi Drive, Zinkwazi Beach, KZN


Cost Cost includes accommodation, meals, snacks, all activities and 24 hour supervision.

Contact: Ruvika Padayachee - Holiday Bookings, 032 485 3778,, e-mail us below. 

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