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JK Productions

Modderfontein, Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel 0861112876
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Something Unique, Different and Fresh for Every Event:
Being both an event planning company, technical supplier and a “party supplier,” JK Productions is in a very unique position of being able to offer you everything that you need to get the party or event you want.
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When we supply equipment or plan out events with our clients, it’s not an abstract exercise or a pie in the sky concept. It’s a practical and workable, nuts and bolts discussion. We will systematically, break down what we have available and how you can use it to match and fit into your event. In our book ‘professional service’ is not just an overworked advertising cliché. We strive to exceed your expectations; to translate your visions into reality. Our professionalism is built on concrete facts and measurable deliverables which include;
  • State-of-the-art equipment sourced from around the world.
  • Constant upgrading of our product inventory and technologies
  • On-going training and upskilling of our long-serving family of staff members.
  • Our own fleet of delivery vehicles.
  • In-house workshops, design and custom manufacturer ability
  • Attention and focus to safety and health issues.
  • Customised electronic quoting system and professional office and business IT infrastructure
  • A large and professional warehouse space & office facilities to operate from.
  • Level 2 BEE Status, Regulation and Company Business Practice Compliance
Planning an event is an emotional and sometimes stressful experience – no one knows that as well as we do! We tackle your dreams with passion, commitment and dedication, be it a family fun day, a product launch, a team building event or end-of-year bash. And rest assured, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the details.
We work hard, play hard and take our fun very seriously all for our valued clients
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What’s Behind the Name
Look around and you are sure to find hundreds of party planning business, event companies and party suppliers in and around South Africa. All of them offering the best of the best of everything. Most of them will also tell you that they found the proverbial gap in the market and are proudly filling it by taking the market by storm and reinventing the events business, when in fact wost of them offer nothing more than what the next guy offers. Most of these business models are based on the cheapest deal concepts with beautifully crafted websites and consist of mainly weekend worrier style traders, the moms and pops extra income earner business, the bakkie brigade style operators, or the franchised party company that has claimed to have changed the face of the industry. In reality, its pretty much the same old of everything with very little innovating, creativity or technical konw how of their business. 
Enter JK Productions the Maverick in the crowd. A pedigreed history and the real mcCoy. We believe that every party is different, each having it own unique personality, flavour and vibe that creates its own set of memories and fun. Crafting the perfect party or event or suppling just the right piece of equipment or fit, to create a magical experience is our goal. By listening to our customers and constantly learning as to what they want, need and like, drives us in what we do.
Very often, this means that we end up spending quite a bit of time talking to our clients on the phone and emailing them backwards and forwards, asking many questions and getting lots of information and working directly with each client and on their individual needs and events to ensure its perfect. Other companies might not ask for as much of your attention and questions as we do, you might not get as much paperwork of information to complete and read from other companies, but with us, you’re not just using a rental service or having a piece of equipment delivered. You’re getting a partner who will make sure that your event is extraordinary and your memories are timeless. 


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