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The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre

The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre

The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre

P.O. Box 1756, HARTBEESPOORT 0216, Pretoria, South Africa
From Pretoria From Johannesburg
Tel 012 504 9906 /7 /8
Cell 083 892 0515
Fax 086 575 1479
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The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre was established in 1971 with the aim of breeding endangered species. Over the past two decades the Centre's efforts have resulted in the major achievement of breeding what was once a threatened species, the cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus). Over the years, nearly 600 cheetah cubs have been born at De Wildt - a dramatic contrast to the days when the cheetah population of South Africa was estimated at a mere 700.

While the cheetah project was the base from which the Centre launched its conservation ethic, it soon widened to include other rare and endangered animal species such as wild dog, brown hyaena, serval, suni antelope, blue and red duiker, bontebok, riverine rabbit and vultures - including the very rare Egyptian vulture. Many of these have been successfully bred for later reintroduction into the wild, thus helping to repopulate areas where such species have disappeared or are no longer abundant.

To conserve, breed and wherever possible, reintroduce indigenous endangered species back into their natural habitat. To educate the younger generation to recognise and appreciate the flora and fauna of their country and to value their natural heritage.


  • To breed rare and endangered species.
  • To support scientific investigations into all aspects of these species.
  • To promote public awareness - particularly amongst the younger generation - of the pressing need for wildlife preservation: to afford visitors to the Centre the opportunity of viewing endangered species in natural surroundings and at close quarters.
  • To continue to play a role in conservation biology by helping to maintain adequate gene pools or rare and endangered species.
  • To generate income to support existing and future breeding projects at the Centre.
  • Where feasible, to re-establish endangered wildlife species into areas where they once occurred naturally.



    • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday – 08h30 and 13h30;
    • R165 per person, irrespective of age (no children under 6);
    • 3 Hour guided tour on an open game viewing vehicle;
  • Private tours available on request on non touring days at a cost of R2000.00 for 1 – 10 people;


    • Tuesday & Friday at 08h00 (winter) and 07h00 (summer);
    • R100 per person no children under 12
  • R2 500 for professional photographers exclusive;
  • The runs are part of an enrichment programme for cheetahs and weather, staffing and the cheetahs health, have to be considered when executing.


R20.00 per child. Minimum of 30 children. 3 Teachers free.

Outreach Education Programme  

 Nobody who has seen a cheetah up close, heard it purr, or had the rare opportunity to touch it will ever forget the experience. This is one of the fundamental precepts upon which the De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust's Outreach Education Programme is based.

  • Join us for an on-line tour: If your are unable to visit De Wildt, don't despair! We have created an on-line tour especially for you.
  • What to expect: During your visit an experienced guide will take you on a guided tour. Make sure that you also visit our curio shop so that you can take home a special memento.
  • Book a tour

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