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Butterflies for Africa

Butterflies for Africa

Butterflies for Africa

37 Willowton Rd, Willowton, Pietermaritzburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Butterflies for Africa is located at 37 Willowton Road, just off the N3 in Pietermaritzburg. Those arriving from the coast take the Ohrtmann Road turnoff (exit 79) and turn right (going over the highway) then turn left into Willowton Rd just after the Innoxa factory.
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Education Centre



The Butterflies for Africa Education Centre provides greater insight into these beautiful insects and an awareness of the importance of habitat conservation.

A butterfly museum houses bright, attractive displays, taking the visitor into the butterfly's world and encouraging them to spend time exploring and learning. A high impact audio-visual presentation enhances the entertainment value of the experience whilst encouraging visitors to take a proactive stance in butterfly conservation.

We believe that in order to truly educate, knowledge must be presented in the form of entertainment. Guided tours through the facility bring the message of conservation into our schools. In this manner we seek to educate both the general public and school groups in butterfly conservation and ultimately encourage an appreciation and desire to protect these beautiful creatures and their habitats.

The Butterfly House

The Prime attraction of Butterflies for Africa is the impressive walk through butterfly house where visitors are able to come into close contact with butterflies from around the world as they fly freely in an attractive, lush environment. It provides the perfect home for both international and indigenous butterflies and has already become a prime tourist attraction for the region, while serving as a valuable educational tool and vital conservation asset.

Also inside the Butterfly House is our green iguana enclosure - home to Smeagol and Deagol.

Monkey House

Butterflies for Africa has received two Cotton-top Tamarin monkeys as part of a breeding programme with Durban's Mitchell Park. The new enclosure enables guests to interact with the pair during guided tours at 9:30, 11:30, 13:30 and 15:30.

Butterfly Garden

In the heart of an industrial area of Pietermaritzburg lies a 6000 sq.m garden, created soley to attract butterflies. To date it has done just that, with over 100 different species of butterflies finding a home in this urban haven.

Butterfly Nursery

Gardeners can purchase many hard to find butterfly host plants, which will attract butterflies to their gardens. Many of these plants are not available in conventional nurseries.

 Butterfly Shop

Africa's number one source of quality butterfly related goods. Butterflies for Africa stocks over 400 butterfly related products. 

The Painted Lady Coffee Bar

 The Painted Lady Coffee Bar is the ideal venue for enjoying a cup   of tea or coffee or an appetising lunch either with friends and family or on your own.

We also do platters for finger lunches for business and board meetings.

Our children’s party packs are very popular and we also do butterfly and caterpillar birthday cakes.  



HOURS: We are open Tuesday - Friday from 9:00 till 16:30; on Saturday from 9:30 till 15:30; and on Sunday from 10:30 till 15:30. We are closed on Mondays (except 2nd of January 2006!) and on the following public holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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