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Clamber Club

Franchises countrywide, National, South Africa
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Clamber Club has 2 main aims:
1. To promote a life long love for exercise and a healthy lifestyle from a young age.
2. To promote important perceptual motor skills through appropriate movement activity, essential for later academic learning.

What we offer:

1. Baby and Parent classes for 2-12 month olds:
Our Clamber Club sensory motor BABY stimulation classes offer variety and loads of ideas for home. Baby exercises, movement to music, infant massage, focused and age appropriate skill development, weekly themes and more. Our equipment is unique and our programme has been developed by occupational therapist Liz Senior. Why not try out a class and join in the fun?

2. Toddler and parent classes for 1-3 year olds
Our Clamber Club sensory motor TODDLER classes offer movement to music, a wide range of exciting and challenging equipment to clamber and climb on, detailed perceptual and fun filled themes to stimulate the senses, gross motor activities galore that promote balance and coordination, and focused and age appropriate skill development. We offer practical stimulation ideas for home, and of course every class is loads of fun! Our thorough programme has been developed by occupational therapist Liz Senior.

Clamber Club Toddler and Parent Classes Clamber Club Baby and Parent classes

3. SPORTS Classes for 2-5 year olds
Our Clamber Club SPORTS extra mural programme for preschools and playgroups is a must for any school. This sensory motor and gross motor programme includes a wide range of activities using bean bags, domes, rubber frogs, balls, balance beams, ribbon sticks, a huge American gym parachute, the hamster wheel and much more. Classes run for 30 minutes, and children absolutely love joining in the exercises with Jog the Frog! Thoroughly trained Clamber Club coaches come to your school with their exciting and wide range of equipment. Developed by occupational therapist Liz Senior. Contact us for a demo class!

4. Party entertainment for 1-9 year olds
Active and energetic obstacle course birthday party entertainment for 1-9yr olds. We offer 4 different types of party entertainment:
• Clamber Club Toddler Parties for 1-2yr olds
• The Clamber and Climb Party for 3-6yr olds
• The Super Action parties for 7-9yr olds
• Corporate functions and school outings for large groups of children

We bring to you a colourful circuit of stepping stones, hoops, various balance beams, ladders, slides and other equipment for clambering and climbing. There are barrels to roll over, bean bags to throw and a big parachute to enjoy! It's an obstacle course of versatility filled with active, healthy, fun. Our party entertainers entertain for a full hour and a half while the children have a ball!

Clamber Club Parties Clamber Club Parties

5. Playschool for 18 month to 3 year olds
Your child’s first experience of school needs to be a good one. Clamber Club Playschool is comprehensive play centred programme that promotes sensory motor and perceptual learning in a nurturing, warm and happy environment. Developed by occupational therapist Liz Senior, Hetty Johnson who has over 20 years of experience in running her own Playschool, and qualified preschool teacher Bev Bouton who has over 25 years of experience in child and family development and teaching.  

Clamber Club Playschool

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