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Capturing the moments... SA Kids Newsletter Oct 2016

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Capturing the moments...

Dear Parents,

When your kids are little everyone says, “Treasure this time. It goes by so fast.”

Yes, I know what you are thinking... “My kids are driving me crazy and I wish they would just grow up now”. Secretly you know it’s true because most of us have had these thoughts. They do grow up too fast, but feeling like we have to enjoy every moment doesn’t always feel possible. I will be the first to admit that not every moment is enjoyable as a parent and I am very sure many of you will agree, but that did not make me a bad Mother or you a terrible parent!

But, have you ever wished you could freeze a moments of time you have had with your children?

Although we cannot stop time, we can enjoy the time we have right now and capture those special moments. Proud parents can't resist shooting pictures of their children and modern digital cameras make the process easier than ever. If you are fortunate to own a good camera, then dust it off and use it! No you don’t need to go buy a camera... Everyone says put away your phone, but I would like to rephrase that just a bit: Switch your phone to silence and make use of those camera on the phone! Smartphone cameras are perfect for shooting snaps of children, and most people have their device with them all the time, so an opportunity is rarely missed. Capturing great shots of children is more about smiles than megapixels.

When my girls were little we did not have digital cameras or cell phones and today I am sorry I haven’t got many photos of them while they were growing up. We are however making up for that now, thanks to cell phones and social media.  

A last bit of advice from my side; Try and have a photo book, or box with lose prints made once a year so that you can sit and enjoy them at a later stage. And lastly make sure you save them in a safe place on the Internet or a spare hard-dive so you don’t ever lose them when you camera or phone get stolen, or your computer crashes, etc.

For some great tips from My Baby Book SA to help you capture pictures of your children that you'll treasure for years to come; Click here.

Happy Parenting

Tania & Coral-Leigh

My Baby Book SA





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